About GRAPHT and Team GRAPHT


GRAPHT is a word coined with ‘graffiti’ and ‘craft’, and the products
that the team has developed to promote athletes and creators are
for the fans with dedicate support.

Also in order to grant the creator and
athletes demands at the level of their viewpoint,
such products are made with dedicated craftsmanship
therefore the particular attentions are delivered to the materials
and user-friendliness.

Discover new industry, sublime to authentic culture

grpt eco-system
Team GRAPHT Logo


Team GRAPHT’s mission is quite simple.
Discover such talented athletes and creators in new field of industry,
and form a community with fans while acquiring new values to them.
And then, we share our emotions.
That is all about us.

When people ‘switch’ into something to be absorbed,
they shine with fascinating energy.
Team GRAPHT holds up its own symbol for people with
enthusiasm to encourage their mind to ‘switch’ on a daily basis.

Foundation of Team GRAPHT

A corporation, MSY CO., LTD., that operates Team GRAPHT,
always prioritizes user’s viewpoint.
At the company where the objective is to provide the proper product
to users’ demand believes with confidence that
they can build the relationship between fans and players.
The idea of Team GRAPHT kicked off when the founders encountered the heat of creators and athletes,
and the desire arose to let a wide range of people recognize their work.

Team GRAPHT’s support

Team GRAPHT, creating the necessary environment for gaming athletes,
fully familiarizes with the house brand product from GRAPHT
and also such devices as Razer – world leading company
for gaming hardware, and Thrustmaster – the racing wheel company
that holds world’s top shares in its gaming hardware market.
The team aims at maximizing each creator
and athlete performances in any field by providing
and supporting with sufficient devices and wears.