Team GRAPHT announced that the recent support contract was made with 4 game athletes from CYCLOPS OSAKA athlete gaming!2017-03-03

Team GRAPHT aiming to create new relationship between gaming fans and players, announced that they concluded a support contract with the total of 4 players; Dogura, GO1, Tanukana, Kuromame from CYCLOPS OSAKA athlete gaming, who won the first championship at the 1st Japan eSport league.
【CYCLOPS OSAKA athlete gaming’s profile】
CYCLOPS OSAKA athlete gaming is a team of professional eSport players located in Osaka, Japan. They provide not only necessary location and time for training as gaming professional, but also lecture proper training method to fortify physical and mental strength, talent management and help athletes build up their second careers. Recognizing that the cheers and pride from Osaka and eSport fans from all over the world are their predominant source of support. While aiming to nurture the athletes who can become leading personnel in the eSport field, the team strives to starting the eSport fighting game mythology from Osaka.
 【Comment from Dogura】
I feel very honored that I am able to receive the support from Team GRAPHT. Because the other players with the support from Team GRAPHT are such prestige, I will be dedicated myself to as much training as possible to keep up with the quality.
【Comment from GO1 (go-ichi)】
I am GO1 from CYCLOPS OSAKA. That I receive the support from Team GRAPHT made my thought strengthen to improve myself even better. I will try my best effort to increase the chances to represent myself as a wonder professional player to repay the companies and Team GRAPHT that I have support from.
 【Comment from Tanukana】
Nice to meet you. My name is Tanukana, the player of Tekken. This opportunity came soon after I left my countryside hometown, I feel very honored to actually put my hand on the products offered from Team GRAPHT. Even thought I am a new professional player, I will make sure to practice hard so that I can achieve the good results using the devices I am sponsored.
【Comment from Kuromame】
I appreciate for making a support contract with me. The headset that I am sponsored this time has been what I use for voice chat with other teammates for long time, and I really love and feel comfortable. With this support contact, I am determined to focus on more victories and strive to be No.1 player in Japan.
【Comment from Sano “Shinchang” Shintaro, the manager】
I feel happy and honored to make a support contract with Team GRAPHT and crown their name on our own team wear. We are determined to make collective efforts as a united team to realize consecutive progress to repay this honor.

website: CYCLOPS OSAKA athlete gaming
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