The first member of Team GRAPHT will be Fuudo.2016-11-25

Fuudo was the first Japanese professional player who participated in Team Razer eSport Elite, and we have built our experience as a spokesman to support his battle. Since we have the history together and as partners to wish the future growth of fighting game, we welcomed Fuudo to join the team, and hereafter, we will continue on sponsoring Fuudo with the Razer devices.

【Team GRAPHT’s support】
MSY with Team GRAPHT has profound knowledge about the gaming devices and their performances, such as Razer - the world leading gaming hardware company, Thrustmaster - the company that produces car race game steering wheels with the world’s best share, PDP – the world famous company that produces console compatible accessories. The goal is to provide with adequate devices and team wear to enable every athlete and creator in any fields to maximize their full performance potential.

Fuudo’s profile】
Fuudo has won his world famous titles in the fighting game with his rapid reaction and correspondence speeds. His all-round fighting skills enable him to rampage whether it is arcade, console or PC. Fuudo’s first remarkable achievement of winning Super Street Fighter IV at EVO 2011 brought him up to be a professional game player, following the consecutive victories in Super Street Fighter IV at World Cyber Game 2013 and Virtua Fighter 5 FS at SEGA CUP 2014, and 2nd placed victory in Street Fighter V at EVO 2016. 

【Comment from Fuudo】
I would like to announce that I concluded a team contract with Team GRAPHT. I am thankful to MSY’s past support and I also think I can relate to their company’s pursuing mission. That is why I decided to join the team. I will keep training myself to be able to power up the game scenes as a member of the team, and also to serve as a model to those who are willing to join the game industry.
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