Team GRAPHT announced that the recent support contract was made with Hitani2017-03-06

 【Haitani’s profile】
Born in Osaka in 1986. As Haitani has been one of the bravest players to carry deathly matches in the fighting game, his playing style has fascinated his fans, not only domestically but also internationally.
Beyond his presence at official competitions, Haitani gained his popularity through Internet streaming; Kachitagari TV, and the 2nd Darake Cup 2016.
【Comment from Haitani】
I am Haitani who concluded a contract with Team GRAPHT. I feel happy that Team GRAPHT gives the generous support to exalt my activity as professional player and the fighting game industry. I want to show my full dedication in training with Fuudo and MOV. They recently joined the team and became my teammate, but yet they are my rivals. Please give us warm cheers for my debut match as Team GRAPHT at FINAL ROUND 20 starting from March, 10th 2017. I will try my best to grab the victory in my hand.

【Haitani’s Major Achievement】
Placed in 1st, Street Fighter V, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2017: Capcom pro tour premier competition
Placed in 4th, Capcom Cup 2016
Played in Super Street Fighter IV hosted by Mad Catz, TGS 2013
Placed in 1st, Capcom Cup 2013, elimination round, Japan round
Placed in 1st, the 2nd Darake! Cup 2016 Street Fighter V Saikyo Ohza Kettei sen, Aki no jin
Placed in 4th, TOPANG LEAGUE6
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