Newly joined the professional player Takumi2016-12-28

 Team GRAPHT’s support
Team GRAPHT pursuit the goal to maximize Taumi’s activities as a world leading professional game player by supplying the house brand team wear GRAPHT and the products from a world leading brand of gaming hardware Razer. In addition, they will place a particular attention on Takumi’s activities and his international friend network, and apply those to prepare the affluent support while valuing Takumi’s unique philosophy as game player
 【 Takumi’s profile 】
Takumi is one of the world top players, who fights ULTIMATE MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 3 in his major battle field.
He has achieved a remarkable result in UMVC3 2015 on the final round that he was the only Japanese player who placed in 5th.
After his 9th placed EVO 2015, Takumi decided to remain in the US until the end of the year to find more opportunity to improve himself. Because of his knight-errantry training throughout the states and in local competitions, he deepened his friendship with oversea players while training his playing skills.
After returning to Japan, Takumi dedicated his daily activities to increase the number of MARVEL vs COPCOM players by coaching know-how at periodical practice sessions besides fighting in major championships.
【 Comment from Takumi 】
I am Takumi who joined Team GRAPHT. As the result of constructive meetings with MSY Co. Ltd., I had this opportunity to be sponsored. I will look into the same direction as the team and sponsor to make further steps to better. I will do my best so that I can play overseas once again.
【 Takumi’s fighting achievement 】
Quoted from the ranking site;
Under the Ult. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 category
27th in world ranking
1st in Japanese ranking
Placed in 5th, KVO x TSB 2016 - UMVC3 International
Placed in 33th, Evolution 2016 - UMVC3 Grand Slam
Placed in 5th, Final Round 18 - UMVC3 Premier Mandatory
Placed in 1st , Ishikawa elimination round, KSB
Placed in 9th, Evolution 2015 - UMVC3 Grand Slam
Placed in 1st, Marvel is dead tournament
Placed in 1st, Tournament Tuesday Episode15, San Jose
Placed in 1st, Arizona ranking battle
Placed in 2nd, SoCal Regionals 2015: Prelude II - UMVC3 International
Placed in 2nd, First Attack 2015 - UMVC3 International
Placed in 4th, The Fall Classic 2015 - UMVC3 Premier 12
Placed in 4th, True combo
Placed in 1st, Gran Torneo Topgaming
Placed in 1st, Custom combo
Placed in 1st in annual ranking 2014, FRB, acquiring the invitation to FR
Placed in 1st twice, peko’s garden 
Placed in 1st, Wagun Cup
Placed in 1st several times, Black Eye Tournament
Placed in 1st, Chuo University Tournament
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