Team GRAPHT announced that the recent support contract was made with Yukadon from YOUDEAL2017-04-20

Team GRAPHT aiming to create new relationship between gaming fans and players, announced that they made a support contract with a world leading professional fighting game player in Street Fighter series, Yukadon from YOUDEAL.

【Yukadon’s profile】
Born in Kagawa in 1986. Yukadon’s early career started with the live streaming on the internet, however, she began to fight in competitions in 2016, and successfully achieved wonderful performance. Her past broadcasting history were, for example, a program playing a various game titles “Challenge of Yukadon” within Haitani Chikyu Kiko (Haitani Earth Travel Story) on Nico Nico Doga, a cooking program “Crazy Kitchen”, and “Yukadon Sennin Kumite” (1000 continuous matches) that Yukadon took 3 days to complete.

【Comment from Yukadon】
The recent performances of players from overseas are exceeding. So I will try my best to bring up the quality of overall Japanese players with my teammates in Team GRAPHT.

【Yukadon’s Major achievement】
Placed in 1st, Street Fighter V, RAGE Master League Bugen Hai
Placed in 1st, Street Fighter V, RAGE Vol.2 RAGE GRAND FINALS
Placed in 3rd, Street Fighter V, EVO2016, USA
Placed in 7th, Street Fighter V, Capcom Cup 2016, USA
Placed in 13th, Street Fighter V, Ultimate Fighting Arena, France
Placed in in 9th, Street Fighter V, NorCal Regionals 2017, USA
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